As Democrats Struggle To Win Back Congress, These Are The Races To Watch

With the seemingly interminable campaigning for the midterms, which began shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, finally behind us, investors are watching with baited breath as Americans head to the polls for a midterm vote that’s expected to bring out the highest vote tallies for an off-year election in recent memory. Donors have poured a record amount of capital into the race – all told, Republican and Democratic candidates are expected to spend some $5 billion, according to early projections. The 2018 midterms will be remembered for the surging interest among female voters (much ink has been spilled about how white women betrayed their fellow women by largely favoring Trump in 2016) and the 256 women who won major party primaries in races for the House and Senate.

With polls opening at 6 am in most East Coast states, we’ve put together a summary of bellwether races that political analysts – and investors – will be keeping a close eye on.¬†But just because many of these races are happening in the eastern time zone, doesn’t mean that the results will be in early. It’s possible that control of Congress might not be settled until later this week (of course, the final tally could take even longer to settle if there are recounts.



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