Jamaica: Conductor stabs passengers who wanted refund

A conductor was further remanded on Friday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for stabbing a passenger who requested a refund of his bus fare.

Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Rickoy Bygrave.

He pleaded guilty, and offered the court an explanation.

“Your Honour, on October 11, I was working on a bus, which run from town (downtown Kingston) to Waterhouse. This man (complainant) and his friend pay another conductor, and they took my bus. When dem reach Three Miles, him and him fren dem tell mi fi give dem back dem fare,” Bygrave said.

Bygrave told the court that he refused to do so, and an argument developed.

“Dem tell mi bout mi mother, and mi tell dem back, and dem lick mi inna mi face. The only thing I could do is reach for a small knife, and I use it to defend myself and two of dem get stab,” he said.

Parish Judge Lorian Cole-Montague then asked the complainant if he wanted compensation for his injuries. He told the court that he only wanted Bygrave to take care of his hospital fee of $10,000.

However, the judge ordered the accused to pay $15,000 in compensation.



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