Jamaica: Mastercard Uses Jamaica As Pilot For ‘I Accept’

With approximately 11,000 merchant locations accepting Mastercard on the island, the leading technology company in the global payments industry said the decision to use Jamaica as the first Caribbean island to launch its ‘I Accept’ campaign was an excellent idea.

For the first time in Mastercard’s history for the region (Caribbean and Latin America), the new campaign, which started advertising locally and on social media in April this year, had all the content for the commercial shot on the island using local talent.

“This was a chance for us to present the brand to the Jamaican people with Jamaican flavour. It was a lot of learning to develop more intimacy with a lot of customers,” said vice-president of marketing and communications for the Caribbean, Luis Araujo.

In an interview with The Gleaner on Wednesday during Mastercard’s media day in Miami, Florida, Araujo said its ‘I Accept’ campaign is aimed at increasing its presence locally by using a holistic approach. The goal is to extend its reach and be accepted in more places.



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