The Facts Of The Mail Bomber Case Don’t Add Up-Did they arrest the wrong guy?

The October spree of packaged mail bombs unsuccessfully delivered to media outlets, politicians and politically active benefactors has gripped the United States ahead of the November midterm elections. The media is awash with speculation about the suspect’s inspiration and why he may have carried out the attacks.

While the official narrative makes for captivating commentary amongst pundits, the case bears several suspicious points. Inconsistencies between reported facts and the official version of events, the targets chosen to receive packages and details about the suspect and their social media all represent loose ends to the case that have not been adequately addressed. Additionally, the FBI’s track record and the involvement of Hollywood figures shaping the official story give rise to serious concerns that the FBI has caught the wrong man, leaving the true perpetrators free to strike again should they wish.

The official narrative being promoted by mainstream media sources and law enforcement does not match the facts. Apparent contradictions over whether the bombs were real or inert and indications that at least some were not mailed through USPS create factual conflicts that have not been explained.



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