Nicaragua: Ortega Spies Using Israeli Technology

Haaretz newspaper includes Nicaragua on a list of countries that bought “surveillance programs”

Government uses technological tools to “find and detain human rights activists and silence citizens” who criticize it.

Daniel Ortega’s regime purchased espionage and intelligence programs from private Israeli technological companies, which according to an Israeli journalistic investigation have been used in several countries, including Nicaragua, to “find and detain human rights activists, persecute members of the LGBT community and silence citizens who criticize their government.”

These surveillance programs manipulate and appropriate all the activities of a smartphone, such as the user’s location, sites visited and personal contacts. Furthermore, these technological tools can turn the equipment into a secret recording device.

The investigation from the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz, includes Nicaragua in the following list of countries: Bahrain, Indonesia, Angola, Mozambique, Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Panama and Nicaragua. In addition, the publication corroborated previous reports on sales of the Israeli technology to Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Colombia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates.

Without control

The security forces of these countries buy these programs with the commitment to the Israeli companies, that they will use them to fight organize crime, criminal or terrorist groups. However, senior officials of the companies admit, in the publication, that “once the systems are sold, there is no way to avoid their abuse.”

Today, every governmental agency that respects and does not respects the privacy of its citizens is equipped with espionage capacities created in Herzliya Pituah (in Tel Aviv, Israel),” states Haaretz in the publication, based on 100 sources and 15 countries.


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