Grenada: Superintendent of Police Under Investigation for Sex Related Offences

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has launched a full investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against one of their own senior ranked members, a Superintendent of Police presently attached to the Special Service Unit (SSU).

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer the incident, which once again seeks to diminish the image of the RGPF is alleged to have taken place earlier in the month of October against a young lady who was at the time housed on the SSU compound under police protective custody, being a key witness in a recent murder case now before the court.

Sources told the Grenada Informer that a report outlining the conduct of the officer was made to a senior ranked female officer, who immediately called the Criminal Investigation Department to relate the alleged incident.

Informer was told that the young lady in question was immediately taken to the General Hospital where a medical examination confirmed that she had been involved in sexual acts. Sources also confirmed that other examinations were also conducted from samples allegedly found on the bed sheet used by the young lady at the time of the incident linking the officer to the allegation made.

The young lady whom we were told holds the key to the outcome of the prosecution’s case in the matter now before the court, was again relocated, to what has been described as another safe haven.

Sources said the SSU headquarters was not her first safe house since being forced to leave her village for fear for her safety, being a court witness.


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