Trinidad: Cocoa industry re-inventing itself

AFTER decades of stagnation, the cocoa industry is now beginning to re-invent itself and young farmers are breathing new life into the industry. So said Director of the Cocoa Research Centre of the University of the West Indies, Professor Path Umaharan on Wednesday during the first day of a three-day Australia-Caribbean Cocoa Knowledge Sharing Symposium at the auditorium of the School of Education.

The symposium will continue until Friday, where Australian cocoa farmers will be sharing their knowledge of farming the crop with Caribbean cocoa farmers in an effort to learn new strategies and share strategies of their own. Umaharan said more people are turning to cocoa farming as they recognise the value of diversifying from the oil industry.

“Trinidad was once the largest cocoa producer in the region producing 40,000 tonnes in the 1940’s. Last year we produced 400 tonnes. I think Trinidad has been reliant on oil and gas and by now I think people are realising that we cannot depend on a depleting resource.

“By supporting the rural community we could also eliminate certain problems like urbanisation, and crime. The whole idea is how to build a sustainable industry where you can make profitable livelihoods. How to build a value added sector to this sector that could convert the cocoa into products that you can export.”



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