Jamaica-No Shield For Cops – Mark Goes Hard On ‘Corrupt, Criminal, Beyond Help’ JCF

Twenty per cent of the men and women in the police force, including senior officers, are “corrupt criminals and totally beyond help”, a former high-ranking member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has asserted.

Mark Shields, the British-trained cop who served in the JCF for nearly 15 years before stepping down as deputy commissioner, asserted, too, that another 60 per cent would engage in corrupt practices “if the circumstances arise”.

The other 20 per cent are “beyond reproach”, Shields said, noting that his assessment was based on what he was told by a senior member of the JCF.

“Corruption within the JCF went to the highest levels,” he declared during the CIN Caribbean lecture series held at the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture in New York, United States, on Wednesday.

Seeking to support his assertions, Shields pointed to allegations of extrajudicial killings and that police personnel were “involved directly” with criminals …”including intelligence that senior officers have been complicit in allowing drugs to be trafficked with massive pay-offs to the senior cops, who, in turn, paid the lower ranks for their escort duty”.

“The reputation of the JCF is poor. Some would argue they are just not fit for the purpose. Throughout my career [in the JCF] I saw the intelligence reports to substantiate this,” the former JCF crime chief insisted.



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