Barbados: Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) is concerned about current health and safety conditions at some of the nation’s schools

THE Assistant General Secretary of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), Sean Spencer, is concerned about current health and safety conditions at some of the nation’s schools.

Addressing the media during a press conference at the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), Welches, St. Michael, headquarters, yesterday, Spencer, who is also BUT’s President, stressed that some of the plants are not being inspected as is required, a downfall which is leading to the deterioration of properties.

He said it is not only a matter of paint peeling off of walls, but there is also the presence of termite infestation, fences falling apart, the absence of handrails posing difficulties for persons making their way around properties during wet conditions, aged and sagging floor boards.

Recently, the Lester Vaughn School was closed from October 9, and reopened on October 22, due to what Spencer described as a long- standing matter, going back to over a decade.

“The recommendations which I have before me are from an Environmental Department Protection report, dated October 20, 2011. These recommendations to my mind have not been followed through with and I would draw emphasis to where it states a complete industrial cleaning of the premises should be conducted, inclusive of all hard surfaces, soft furnishings, ceiling space, books and files. An industrial cleaning schedule should be implemented during the vacation breaks to supplement the daily cleaning by the janitorial staff. It has also spoken to the necessity of conducting regular professional pest control treatments. Obviously, in the interim period, we have not seen these measures being taken into consideration, and adequately implemented. We are definitely seeking to have these addressed,” Spencer said.



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