Bahamas: Disney Decision ‘In Best Interest Of The Country’

THE Minnis administration is solely concerned with providing the best for the Bahamian people, according to Press Secretary Anthony Newbold, who yesterday defended the government against criticism for its decision to back Disney’s proposal for Lighthouse Point.

Responding to questions over how the government arrived at its decision to support Disney over a Bahamian-led rival’s proposal and the criticism that has followed, Mr Newbold insisted the Minnis administration is willing to take whatever hits are needed to do whatever is best, long-term, for the country.

“The government is concerned about providing for the people of The Bahamas and the people of The Bahamas are the ones who are going to have to decide whether this Cabinet remains the government after the next election,” Mr Newbold said when asked if the government was concerned with what its recent policy decisions could mean for a re-election bid.

“Push back for Grand Lucayan; how could you do that? Are you guys crazy? Yea, but the people in Grand Bahama who have to eat don’t think that government is crazy,” he said, referring to the government’s recent purchase of the beleaguered hotel. “The people in South Eleuthera who have to eat, they don’t think the government is crazy at all.

“And so, sometimes you take a hit and you take a hit because that is what you need to do for the people of The Bahamas.”

Addressing the Lighthouse Point Partners’ bid that lost out to Disney, Mr Newbold added: “…. Suggestions (from them said) ‘we are going to build this thing out three to five years’.

“Well, what do the people of South Eleuthera do for the next five years? And so, sometimes you take a hit.”

Mr Newbold continued: “The government, Prime Minister Minnis, his thing is, I am going to take care of these people. This case now with South Eleuthera. Earlier, it was the people in Grand Bahama. And wherever that needs to happen, it will happen in the best way possible.


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