Meet The Saudi “Hit Squad” That Murdered Jamal Khashoggi

Meanwhile, the 18 men arrested by the Saudi government for their alleged involvement in Khashoggi’s killing, which the Saudi public prosecutor said over the weekend resulted from a “botched interrogation”. While 5 senior intelligence officials have also been dismissed, it appears that these 18 men will suffer the consequences for Khashoggi’s murder. Sources within the kingdom have confirmed that the 15 men identified by Turkish investigators were among the 18 who were arrested. US officials last month said they would revoke the visas of 21 men suspected of involvement in the killing.

Most of these men were employees from within the intelligence, military or security services. Turkey’s government-controlled Sabah newspaper published photographs of the men purportedly taken from surveillance footage at the airport in Istanbul, as well as two hotels they briefly checked into, the consulate and the consul’s residence.

Certain members of the 15-man crew – including a close associate of MbS and a Saudi autopsy expert – have attracted heightened public scrutiny. But, in a piece profiling some of the men either arrested or fired by the Saudi government, Reuters offered a breakdown of key biographical details (text courtesy of Reuters).


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