Lawmaker introduces bill to protect children of color from false accusations

A Brooklyn lawmaker is introducing a bill that will protect young Black minors from false accusations made by racists who lack evidence of wrongdoing.

Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, who represents the 42nd District of New York, proposed “Jeremiah’s law” on the Assembly floor after a Caucasian woman called 911 on a 9-year-old boy and falsely accused him of groping her in a Brooklyn bodega.

The bill is named for Jeremiah Harvey, who was accused of groping Teresa Klein, dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” by social media.

Jeremiah became an Internet sensation after his story sparked outrage on social media. Surveillance video from the store shows his book bag lightly brushed against Klein.

Bicochette said Jeremiah’s Law will protect young children of color who are falsely accused.

“A situation like that with no camera, that boy, who could not even defend himself, would have probably been picked up and be detained in the juvenile system,” Bicochette said.

The bill would punish people like Klein who falsely accuse children without evidence.



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