Trinidad: PoS sends help to flooded areas

AS MOST of the damage caused by last weekend’s floods affected rural areas of Trinidad, the Port of Spain City Corporation and all other municipal corporations have released their disaster units to assist those within and outside of their jurisdictions.

Relief efforts continued yesterday from City Hall with goods – such as mattresses and cleaning products and equipment – being loaded into the corporation’s trucks for distribution to two shelters in La Horquetta – one of the worst affected areas. The corporation, said mayor Joel Martinez, has allocated its equipment, vehicles and manpower to assist the worst-affected areas.

Martinez said staff from his corporation’s central and eastern divisions were specifically assigned to areas in the eastern region as part of co-ordination efforts overseen by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM).

When Newsday visited City Hall yesterday, workers were loading the trucks as they continued distributiing supplies to shelters in La Horquetta North and South. Over the weekend, the corporation assisted Sangre Grande, Arima and environs.



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