Netflix responds to claims that they changed the artwork of shows based on viewers’ race…Not ONION news

The streaming giant was accused of deceiving black users with ‘manipulative’ personalised posters

Netflix has denied changing the artwork for their films and programmes based on a viewers’ race after some claimed they were deceiving black users with the use of ‘intrusive’ and ‘manipulative’ advertising.

The streaming platform generates suggestions of TV shows and movies for individual users based on personal viewing habits. Netflix began offering the personalised artwork to users in December last year after research indicated that this was the biggest influence on users deciding what to stream.

However, some subscribers found that the promo images used for certain content have been manipulated to reflect their ethnicity.

Netflix’s promo shots for 2004’s Love Actually and the Kelsey Grammer-starring Like Father have been shared as examples of the alleged advertising tactic.

Some viewers are finding that the poster for the Richard Curtis rom-com features Chiwetel Ejiofor alongside Keira Knightly – even though the former only appears as a minor character.

One Twitter user posted a screenshot from her Netflix account, which showed two black actors on the poster for Like Father – despite them having around “10 cumulative minutes of screen time [and] 20 lines between them, tops.”



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