Jamaica: Student cut in face over J$50=US50 cent? — Mother distraught after son is injured at school

October 10 is a day that Nicole Stewart does not like to remember. However, it is a day she will never forget as that was when she got a call that her 14-year-old son was in the hospital nursing a wound to the face.

The mother of three told THE STAR that while in Portmore, St Catherine, attending to her family’s needs, she got a call from her son’s principal informing her that her son had been injured.

She panicked.

Immediately, she rushed to Kingston to see her son.

“Mi pressure instantly go up when me see him because him face chop out bad,” she said.


“Him tell me seh is extortion thing happen because the bwoy weh cut him ask him for $50 and him seh: ‘Weh him fi get it from?’ Him seh him a come from bathroom and see the bwoy wid sup’m, but him never know a wah. Him a walk go a him class and the bwoy approach him again and ask fi di money and him seh him nuh have none, and him cut him inna him face,” she said.

Stewart said that she is not sure what was used to cause the damage but the object seems to be a box cutter because of the extent of the damage.



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