Grenada: Masked 12 year old arrested for robbing Hotel Laurena

A twelve-year-old will make his second court appearance at the Carriacou Magistrate Court on Monday to answer charges of breaking and stealing.

He was arrested two days after breaking and entering the luxurious Hotel Laurena on Middle Street where he stole just over one thousand ($1,000+) EC dollars.

The youth who is from the Hillsborough community is a student of Bishop’s College

After being arrested and slapped with the two charges, the young man was sent to the mainland last Sunday. The following day he made his first court appearance at the Gouyave Magistrate Court.

He was then ordered to the Juvenile Center.

According to a report the young man was fully masked when he entered the main part of the hotel after opening a side window to the office section of the building at about midnight.

Reports are those surveillance cameras at the hotel and from New York recorded the youth entering and stealing from the hotel. However, it was stated that it took the skill and expertise of the lawmen to identify and arrest the young man.



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