Trinidad: Ramdial-$25 flood fund not enough

OPPOSITION Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial says the government’s $25 million flood relief fund is simply not enough to help the tens of thousands of people directly impacted by major flooding over the weekend.

Ramdial made this known in a press release yesterday where she said Friday’s devastating flood wreaked havoc on the people of East and Central Trinidad. Hundreds of thousands of citizens, she claimed, lost everything such as vehicles, appliances, groceries, clothes and schoolbooks. Some have even lost their homes as poorly built structures have washed away.

Everyone would agree that this is the worst flood in the last 30 years as damage was widespread and many homes were completely submerged and evacuation of thousands was necessary, Ramdial said.

Relief has been very slow in coming from the authorities such as ODPM, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Works and it has largely been the flood affected communities coming together to rescue themselves with ngos, cbos and volunteers from the wider public.


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