Jamaica: Skyline Shift – PM Says Gov’t Getting Requests For 20-Storey Buildings In The City

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has trumpeted that developers are buying into the vision of the Government and have moved to capitalise on infrastructural works now under way to modernise the city of Kingston.

He said that requests are coming in for approval for 20-storey buildings as developers seek to make better use of land in the capital.

Holness said this is being facilitated by a strong economy and steps are being made by the Government to improve the infrastructure in Kingston.

“People’s don’t take risk in an economy that is generally not doing well. And for Arthur [Von Strolley] to take the risk, it would have been that the Jamaican economy is on the right track, that there is business confidence, that the Government has in place the right policies … ,” said Holness, who was speaking at the official opening of 20 South, a 10-storey high-rise residential complex on South Avenue in St Andrew last Saturday.



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