Guyana can lead narrative of modern development

GUYANA can lead the narrative of modern development if it embraces its multiplicity of cultures and manages its resources well, according to Director of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST), Dr. Suresh Narine.

Addressing a wide audience of government ministers, local and foreign experts and Guyanese at the International Small Business Summit, Narine advanced that developing states in particular have embraced a “monotonic” approach to development, which was envisaged years ago.

He contended that across most of Latin America and South America, there is a general trend towards urbanization; a removal of the importance of unique and individual cultures and a measurement of success by a very opaque concept, called GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
Development in this context, according to him, encompassed harnessing resources to promote economic growth.

Guyana finds itself in a heightened state of underdevelopment, therefore, if it is only viewed in the context of the accepted monotonic course of development, Narine said.

Due to the world’s monotonic pursuit of development, he said, “Our ability to produce food is dwindling as our amounts of arable acreage exponentially dwindle; and the amount of freshwater resources that we have in the world is being increasingly [used up].”

Dr. Narine, who is also a director of Canadian oil and gas exploration company CGX Inc., posited however that Guyana is in a unique position now. He advanced these sentiments amidst discussions on the government creating an enabling environment for transformation into a ‘green’ state, particularly in the wake of massive oil finds.



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