How to Download a Copy of Everything Apple Knows About You

Apple launched a new privacy website on Wednesday that makes it easier to download a full copy of everything you’ve stored on the company’s servers. You can also delete everything in case you want to move your data from Apple to another company.

CNBC has covered how to do this before, but you used to have to send a request saying you wanted to download your data. Apple’s new website makes it even easier. It was originally available in Europe to comply with the EU’s new GDPR privacy law, but now it’s available in the U.S. You can get a copy of your app usage and activity, your Apple Store (both retail and online) activity, iCloud bookmarks, iCloud Calendars, Notes, a complete copy of your iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail, iCloud Photos and more.

Visit Apple’s new privacy website
First, go to Apple’s new privacy website, This is where you’ll choose exactly what you want to download. You can select certain things that might be important, like your App Store activity or all the notes you’ve stored in iCloud. If there are items you don’t use, then you don’t have to check them.



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