Guyana: Three escape from Lusignan Prison

sleeping warders blamed; under close arrest as police launch probe

IN the aftermath of three prisoners bolting from the Lusignan Prison in the wee hours of Monday morning, Director of Prisons (ag), Gladwin Samuels said the warders were either sleeping in their watch towers or were derelict in their duties that resulted in the escape.

On the run are murder accused Travis Evans, age 23 of ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown; Sudesh Dyal, 23, remanded for Break and Enter, Larceny and escape from custody; Dexroy Pollard, 29, of Wales Village for Break and Enter and Larceny.

The Guyana Police Force is currently putting all measures in place to locate and apprehend the escaped prisoners. The prison director said while the prison remains overcrowded, adjustments were made to ensure that the prison officers are not overburdened and stretched beyond the normal working hours.

“The escape actually occurred at 4:29am and the last inmate escaped at 4:32am while there were several ranks deployed in towers and in keeping with reviews that we would have done since the last escape, ranks are no longer detailed to work twelve hours. They work for six hours which means that they should be focused and vigilant during their period of duty,” Samuels noted.



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