Cuba: The Situation Faced by Cuban Doctors in Brazil

On account of the Latin American Left supporting the disastrous Chavista project, another country is turning to the Right and fleeing from socialist “benevolence”… I’m talking about Brazil.

Over 8,000 Cubans working in this country have received news that the man who will surely become the next president, Jair Bolsonaro, says he will stop funding the Mais Medicos program, a federal program which hires local and foreign professionals to work in places where doctor:inhabitant ratios are much lower than the Brazilian average of 2 doctors per 1000 inhabitants.

An angry Cuban journalist pointed out: “if Cubans leave, will Brazilian doctors go to these poor places? I doubt it.”

With this “I doubt it”, the journalist meant to say something like Cuban doctors are better people than Brazilian doctors, ergo, the Cuban system is better than the Brazilian one.

If we start off with the premise that Cubans aren’t any better or worse than anyone else, you might ask yourself why doctors here are working in parts of Brazil where Brazilians don’t go and the answer to that question is very simple and has nothing to do with solidarity or humanist efforts: in simple terms, they are paid there and they aren’t paid here.



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