Guyana: Joint Services ranks accused of rape, robbery in Essequibo

Two Joint Services ranks on the Essequibo Coast are being accused of raping a young lady on Saturday night and robbing her and her teenaged boyfriend.

According to reports from relatives, the young woman and her boyfriend had just purchased something to eat and were sitting on the pavilion where they were facing each other and speaking.

It is being reported that the men appeared suddenly, accosted the couple and proceeded to rape the woman.

During the ordeal, the men reportedly demanded that the two hand over their valuables.
Family members said that the young man has been able to identify one of the suspects.
After the men were finished, they reportedly hurried out of the ground and ran up the road. They were, however, spotted by a security guard who observed their suspicious pace while using the road, and shortly after, saw the two victims running from the ground. They related to the guard what took place and he immediately encouraged them to go to the police.

The young man reportedly then went home, awoke his family and recounted to them what had taken place.

At the police station, the family informed the police of the incident and even told them about the presence of the men still in the area, but the police reportedly insisted that they cannot move until a statement of the occurrence was taken.


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