Cuba: Law (349) that Outlaws Independent Art in Cuba

Any cultural policy produced by a totalitarian and repressive government is a policy of exclusion and creative castration, not only for artists but for everyone. In Cuba, nothing is born but everything dies, nothing moves forward but everything stands still, so many years after when Fidel Castro announced his ruling against art in his 1961 “Words to Intellectuals” speech.

The Castro dynasty skillfully hides itself behind the curtain, a new repressor is playing the role of totalitarianism’s megaphone. Like I have said previously, Cuba is far from overcoming periods of its history, instead we return to the same thing but with greater force.

A movement of artists has decided to brandish their work as an emblem of change for our shriveled land. This is how a group of independent creators came together, real revolutionaries of Cuban art.

When I founded the Persefone Theater group in mid-2015, I realized everything I had to do in order to make independent theater in Cuba. My group was independent in nature from the very start because the National Council of Performing Arts is responsible for institutionalizing theater on the island and we didn’t have their protection and guardianship.

In the very beginning, I worked with young people who didn’t have any formal academic training, but problems with availability and discipline led me to seek out professional actors and I paid them out of my own pocket in order to maintain a quality performance.



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