Suriname: Economical’ celebration Day of the Maroons

There is already a pleasant crowd when the walkers who have participated in the Poolo Waka arrive in the Palmentuin by about half past three. The small group of runners walked in the bright sun from the Monument of 10 October at the Henck Arronstraat to the Palmentuin where the celebration continues. During the celebration of the Dag der Marrons, the hustle and bustle in the Palm Garden is concentrated around the large tent placed on the stage near the playground. There are noticeably fewer stands than in other years.

“I think people have spent on clothes but do not plan to spend a lot of money on food and drink,” says saleswoman Emelina Haft shaking her head. She has sold very little food. Many snacks and almost all her bottles of water are gone. Two tents further the same is said. Lots of liquor and small snacks but no portions of food. Almost everyone is there with a drink and even the barrels are noticing that a portion of food was not a priority. Indeed, it seems that one has mainly focused on the appearance. Beautiful braided hair and beautiful pangi’s. One more beautiful than the other, with applications or embroidered by hand.

Striking are the many ‘modern’ packages of traditional embroidered fabric. The cultural costume is not cheap: an embroidered pangi with shawl and calf decorations can easily cost between SRD 600 and SRD 950. ” Ma after anu wroko woman Can wan heri mun fu meki so wan pangi.. You can at most two simultaneously engaged because your fingers and wrists are going to hurt and your eyes start to tear, especially at the cross-stitch “, Norma Lante explains.



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