Jamaica: Living On Past Glory – PM Says We Must Invest In Its Infrastructure

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that the country is living on past glory and that it was important to invest in the country’s infrastructure – including a new Parliament building – to show that as a people, we are serious about development.

He was speaking at the opening of the Houses of Parliament Design Exhibition at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston yesterday, where five designs were selected for the final stage of the Houses of Parliament Design Competition.

“After 56 years of Independence, I think it is time that we reinvent ourselves as a country. I don’t know if you don’t see it, but our infrastructure, our facilities are old and creaking. They can’t carry the capacity.”

Calling himself ‘The Builder’, Holness mentioned that “the rest of the world is investing in their infrastructure and are moving ahead of Jamaica.

“We are living on past glory, and if we are serious about our development about taking our place in the world, we have to make the investment in our infrastructure,” Holness said.

The design competition, he said, would leave a legacy for generations to come.

“The design competition was a creative methodology to help determine how the Houses of Parliament building will represent Jamaica’s rich heritage while considering the future needs of our society. The look, role, and function of the Parliament building will provide a beacon of leadership that we think is prudent to encourage nationalism and signals the sovereignty of our people and the empowering of our state to exercise the will of the people of Jamaica,” the head of Government said.



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