Guyana: US DEA called in crackdown on ecstasy in schools intensifies

THE Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) has requested the intervention of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to tackle the use of synthetic drugs in schools in light of an alarming, high use of ecstasy pills among youths.

This disclosure was made by Deputy Head of CANU Lesley Ramlall, during his address at a two-day workshop on drug-prevention consultation and training being hosted by the Ministry of Education at Cara Lodge, Georgetown.

Assistant Chief Education Officer (Primary), Owen Pollard

Ramlall noted that the DEA operations in Colombia and Puerto Rico are commendable and the workshop is a timely intervention by the Education Ministry.

The deputy head of CANU said studies from 2007 to 2013 show that there was a reduction in cigarettes, cannabis, cocaine and alcohol consumption by school- children; however, there was no mention of synthetic drugs, since Guyana was not known to use those.

However, he explained that from 2017-2018, CANU has seen the use and the flow of synthetic drugs in Guyana, which is a worry to all stakeholders.

CANU to date, he said, has seized 250 grams of ecstasy; 100 grams of crystal methamphetamine; and 405 grams of heroin, all of which are synthetic drugs.

“Unfortunately, the use of ecstasy seems to be very prevalent, not only among adults, but [among] schoolchildren too,” he stated.

In partnership with the Education Ministry, Ramlall said CANU has launched investigations in five schools, and as such, the training session is very important to educate all stakeholders.



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