Jamaica: Eye Ramping Up Surveillance Network – Official

Criminals will come under increased surveillance when Jamaica Eye is fully implemented next year.

Jamaica Eye was launched in March and gradually the database and infrastructure continue to improve significantly, according to Arvel Grant, senior director of modernisation and strategic projects at the Ministry of National Security. He was the guest speaker at a St Andrew North Rotary Club meeting at Altamont Court Hotel in New Kingston.

“Bear in mind that we are in the early stages of Jamaica Eye. It is launched and operational. However, at this time, we are building out the partnerships and are rolling out the cameras. By next year, when we have more cameras, I think we will be in a better place to point to direct situations where the cameras have been utilised [to solve crimes and keep order]. Closed-circuit television footage will be utilised in court by the police for investigations,” Grant told The Gleaner.

“The information on [how effective the system will be in bringing offenders before the court] will come as we go through the different stages of adjustment to the operation of the police force, and whatever changes are required in legislation, like changes that are to take place with the Road Traffic Act, to allow electronic tickets to be delivered to persons,” he said.


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