Couple caught carrying body parts in baby stroller accused of killing up to 20 women

When police officers looked into a baby carriage, instead of a sleeping tyke they found human remains.

A couple in Mexico City, which cops refused to identify, was busted on Monday for the murders of up to 20 victims, reported ABC13 Eyewitness News.

Alejandro Gomez, the chief prosecutor of Mexico State, claimed the suspected male killer seemed proud of his heinous handiwork. It is believed he suffers from a personality disorder.

“What seemed macabre to me is that this person mentioned 10 cases in which he gives details, the names of the victims; he gave us the clothing they had on at the time,” said Gomez. “He seemed happy about what he had done.”

It remains unclear what kind of relationship the suspect shared with his female criminal partner, who allegedly assisted luring women to him.

Cops caught them on Oct. 4 exiting a house with the carriage full of grisly plastic bags packed with human remains, which they intended to dump into a nearby vacant lot.



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