NYC: Nanny charged with shoving baby wipe down throat of infant is the only possible suspect-DA

A Manhattan nanny accused of trying to kill an infant in her care by plugging his windpipe with a baby wipe is the only person who could have put him in the near-fatal situation, prosecutors argued at her trial Friday.

Marianne Benjamin-Williams, 46, was alone in the Waterside Plaza apartment with little Maxwell and his then 14-month-old sister on May 18, 2017, Assistant District Attorney Kristen Caruso told jurors in her opening statement at the attempted murder trial.

The only other possible suspect would be Maxwell’s baby sister — but she simply didn’t have the physical ability to carry out such an act, Caruso said.

“She didn’t have the dexterity … to roll up the baby wipe and get it into the condition in which it was recovered from his throat,” she said.

An FDNY paramedic, one of the first witnesses, described the terrifying scene as he arrived to the East Side building to find little Maxwell nearly slipping away.

“I saw a blue, limp, pale, barely breathing baby,” said Timothy Anson, the emergency responder.


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