Jamaica: Jamaican Stock Exchange-JSE Still On Top – Eight Stocks Achieve Triple-Digit Growth

Eight stocks have made triple-digit returns since January on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

And it’s not over yet. Analysts are predicting that Jamaica’s near four-year bull-run will continue into next year in the context of declining interest rates and, therefore, reduced returns on bonds and other fixed income investments.

JSE so far is outperforming 92 other exchanges worldwide, according to new reporting last week, that looked at international market performance over a five-year timeline.

Investors who put money in the eight stocks would have made gains between 100 per cent and 255 per cent over nine months ending September. For the stocks that generated returns of 50 per cent or more, the list expands to 20.

The overall market grew by 24 per cent to the end of September, and has added seven more percentage points since then to 31 per cent growth as of Friday.

At least two brokerage houses see these gains as sustainable, having noted that overall the market is fairly priced. They however acknowledge that some stocks are aggressively priced and need to grow into their earnings.



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