Dominica: Gov’t commits $50,000 to Dominica Cancer Society

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that his government will be committing $50,000 to the Dominica Cancer Society.

Speaking on state-owned DBS Radio on Sunday night, he said a large chunk of the government’s public support programme goes to health care, especially for people suffering from cancer-related illnesses.

“I would like to commit $50,000 to the Cancer Society,” he said. “I know they have outreach programmes and the $50,000 will be used for whatever the society decides they want to use it for and I am hoping by Friday this week they could get the cheque so that they can continue the excellent work that they are doing.”

Skerrit went on to say that it is important for those who are suffering from Cancer to let family and friends know that they are ill and need emotional support.

“The emotional stress of people when you are ill, or when you know someone is ill, can be difficult and there is nobody who can go through this by themselves, no matter how strong or how huge you are it is difficult,” he stated. “You need the support of family and friends. It affects your mind, your psychological being in a traumatic way.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that illness is 80 percent in the mind.

“If you tell your mind you are going to die, you will die,” he remarked. “If your mind tells your body I am going to die, then you will start dying before people’s very eyes. If you tell yourself, I am going to fight this … I know somebody who had cancer 30 years ago and is still alive, I know somebody who had cancer 25 years ago and is still alive, I know somebody who has diabetes and you see the person, you would never know, the person is looking good and so on.”



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