Guyana: Work begins on US$200M deep-water harbour

thousands of jobs being created for Berbicians

EXECUTIVE Director for CGX Energy Inc., Dr. Suresh Narine said the company is moving ahead with its US$180-200 million investment in Guyana’s first deep water harbour and onshore base at Crab Island, Berbice.

With the closure of two sugar estates in Berbice recently, and an abundance of skilled and semi-skilled labour available, Dr. Narine said that the investment represents hope for Berbicians.

“We are moving forward with the facility, will be investing with our partners between US$180-200 million in the deep-water harbour and shore base facility. Whilst that facility in its own right will not solve Berbice’s unemployment issues, it will be an important nucleus for growth. Other services with see trickledown effect… it will also have the impact of bringing the oil industry into Berbice in a way that is very lasting and very impactful. When you think even of the construction efforts that such a project will engender, we are talking about hundreds if not multiple thousands of jobs followed by second tier jobs, jobs for our educated people,” the CGX executive director, who was at the time addressing the Berbice Expo, said to a resounding applause.

Speaking with Guyana Chronicle afterwards the event, Dr Narine disclosed that the recommendations of 10 different independent studies all pointed to Crab Island as being perfect for a port and work has commenced work on phase one of the three phase project to build the deep water harbour and onshore port facility.



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