Antigua: Witnesses report wanted man still hunting for sister

Ineta Liburd, the mother of two of yesterday’s shooting victims, is appealing to the government for help to get out of the country with the rest of her family.

Her plea comes as she received reports last night that her brother, Calvin “Burger” James, was back in her village looking for her, hours after he allegedly shot two of her children, killing one of them. Another person who was dating her son was also killed at the same Donovans home.

The woman says based on reports from a family member whose friends live in the area, James was seen walking in the street where the incident occurred and he was asking people for her.

This was some time before 8 o’clock last night. By that time, lawmen had already cordoned off the house and no one was there since the rest of the family members have been moved to protective custody. She says individuals did not raise any alarm knowing he’s armed and dangerous as described by the police.

A wanted bulletin is out for James who fled the scene after 6 a.m. yesterday in a stolen vehicle. He has since switched vehicles at least twice and the police said they have no further updates on his whereabouts as they reportedly comb the island for him.



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