Haiti: Mexico strengthens its military cooperation with Haiti

Tuesday at the Oasis hotel in Pétion-ville, Enold Joseph the new Minister of Defense accompanied by the new Chancellor Bocchit Edmond inaugurated a training seminar on civil protection, human rights, and gender equity, training provided by 5 senior officers of the Mexican army in the framework of the bilateral cooperation Haiti-Mexico.

In order to share their experiences, transmit information and strengthen ties of fraternity between the two countries, representatives of the Mexican armed forces will debate for 4 days with their Haitian counterparts what will strengthen the army of the two States, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Andrés Calderón.

Calderón said that the development of the Haitian Armed Forces (FAd’H) reconstituted after 22 years, was also part of the objectives. Stressing that in the area of ​​civil protection, Mexico is facing various emergencies and that the military is working together to ensure the safety of life of citizens and their property, while providing bilateral support to other countries faced with the same conditions claiming “that prepares the armed forces to deal with disasters.”

Minister Joseph recalled that Haiti is geographically located on two tectonic faults and on the hurricane route which makes the country very vulnerable to natural events “Geographical fatalism calls for well-planned actions and that civil defense plays its role in the 10 departments of Haiti.”

Joseph announced that Haiti had great goals vis-à-vis the new army, so that it does not limit itself exclusively to military actions, but that it must prepare to solve the challenges that oppose to the development and existence of the Haitian Nation. Stressing that the armed forces of Haiti will also be ready to protect our borders and to fight against the usual threats, such as smuggling and trafficking of all kinds, terrorism and cybercrime.



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