Husband and wife among four Guyanese cocaine mules nabbed at JFK

Four Guyanese, including a husband and wife, were recently held at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York, after attempting to smuggle cocaine in pellets that they ingested and two of them have admitted that they were to be paid US$6,000 for couriering the drugs.

The arrests brought the number of Guyanese who attempted to smuggle cocaine into the US via the New York airport to five for the month of September.

Kurt and Maria Bruney arrived at the airport on September 23rd and a search conducted of their bags was negative. But during the search of his bags, Kurt Bruney, according to Jeremy Barrett, Special Agent with the United States Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, exhibited signs of nervousness, “including that he was avoiding eye contact, his hands and legs were shaking and his carotid artery was pulsating and he was sweating profusely.”

Barrett, in court documents seen by Stabroek News, said it was at this point that Kurt Bruney was informed that his wife, who was also being searched by another officer, admitted that they had both swallowed cocaine-filled pellets. Confronted with this information, Kurt Bruney admitted same and later passed out 34 pellets. He later stated that he had ingested some 220 pellets. He passed out 218, which had a weight of 1,661.6 grammes.



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