Cuba: A Call to Vote NO in Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum

A group of people are calling upon the Cuban population to vote NO in the constitutional referendum, after concluding that opposition and dissident proposals will not be included in the draft constitution which the party/government/State in power has published.

The Communist Party will hold onto its lead role in society, other parties won’t be permitted, basic freedoms and political and civil rights will continue to be absent and the economy will remain centralized with state ownership and wage slavery as the axis of Cuba’s social and economic system.

Likewise, “repression will have the green light.”

Private property and same-sex marriage will be recognized and striving for Communism will be omitted, trying to pass off as a modern document but these of course do not imply any substantial change.

They are calling upon members of the opposition and dissidence movement to come together and vote NO, to create a broad front in order to bring about an end to Castrismo and to organize themselves so they can independently monitor the results of this vote.

If the NO vote was to win, the party/government/State would find themselves in a tough spot, an important step would have been taken to coordinate opposition and dissidence efforts and we would be in a position to demand a democratic opening which would allow us to call for a democratic Constitutional process with everyone and for the wellbeing of everyone.



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