Clip Of Interviewer Demanding Kanye West Remove His MAGA Hat Goes Viral

Kanye West slammed the interviewer’s request to make people “feel comfortable” with: “Now, I’ve already told you what this represents for me, this represents… y’all can’t bully me!”

Just days after West was laughed at and booed by the audience during Saturday Night Live’s 44th season premiere, after the rapper filled in as a last-minute replacement for Ariana Grande, he refused to take off his Make America Great Again hat during a live interview with TMZ.

West sat down with Harvey Levin on “TMZ Live” on Monday, but things were awkward from the start as Levin immediately pressured the outspoken rapper to take off his MAGA hat, saying it made people feel “uncomfortable”.

Levin said, “If you would not wear that hat, it would make me and a lot of other people feel better,” and then directly requested, “In fact why don’t we say please take off the hat Kaney, how’s that?” 

Kanye responded: “It’s not good..” And Levin interrupted, “Then won’t do it… because you have a right to do it.”

At this point a defiant Kanye shouted: “1st ammendment baby!.. 1st ammendment… 1st ammendment!..” To which a clearly agitated and upset Levin responded: “Then I have a right to express my view on it.”



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