“I Don’t Know What He Did” – Kavanaugh Accuser Backtracks On Key Assault Claims In NBC Interview

Third Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick just validated claims that she should be criminally prosecuted for lying in her initial sworn account alleging that Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh participated in “gang rapes” with his high school buddies back in the early 1980s.

In an interview with NBC news, Swetnick said that while she saw Kavanaugh aggressively hit on women at parties, she denied that she actually witnessed him participate in the rapes. She also said Kavanaugh wasn’t a member of a group of boys who assaulted her during one of these parties.

“I cannot specifically say that he was one of the ones who assaulted me,” Swetnick told Snow. “But, before this happened to me, at that party, I saw Brett Kavanaugh there, I saw Mark Judge, and they were hanging out about where I started to feel disoriented and where the room was and where the other boys were hanging out and laughing.”

She added that Kavanaugh is an “admitted blackout drunk and drug addict.”

Swetnick did not confirm that she saw Kavanaugh spike punch, one of the claims from her affidavit, she instead said that she merely “saw him around punch containers,” and that she wouldn’t have accepted a glass of punch if he were to hand it to her.

“I don’t know what he did,” she added.

NBC was unable to corroborate Swetnick’s claims after she provided four names to NBC News of people whom she said would confirm her accounts of the parties in the 1980s. After contacting all four, NBC reported that one said they did not remember Swetnick, one was dead and two did not respond.



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