Europe’s Recent Brush With Iranian Terrorism – A Wake-Up Call For Governments And Media?

This is the reality:

A career diplomat crossing European borders in a rented car while carrying a professionally-made bomb, which bears a design favored by jihadists.
In Luxembourg, he hands over the bomb to two would-be terrorists, long-standing residents of Europe who just look like any ordinary young married couple.
They accept it with a clear mission in mind: to bomb a political rally in the largest convention center in France, located in the suburbs of Paris.
If the plot is successful, it will kill many among the tens of thousands of people in attendance, among who were hundreds of dignitaries and parliamentarians from the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
The couple put the bomb in the trunk of their Mercedes and the woman hides the detonator in her make-up bag. They head off toward the rally.

This may sound like the opening sequence of the latest James Bond film, but the chilling reality is that this really occurred in June.

The explosives expert who doubled as a career diplomat is a real person called Assadollah Assadi – he is presently detained in Germany while the recipients of his bomb and one other operative are in jail in Belgium.


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