Bahamas: ‘Developed Countries Should Pay For Disasters Linked To Climate Change’…Have you gone mad sir?!!

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said he urged stakeholders of developed countries during meetings in New York last week to establish a fund to aid developing countries who suffer climate change-related natural disasters.

Speaking during a press conference he held on Saturday upon his return home, Dr Minnis recounted telling leaders this country faces threats from “three hurricanes”: literal storms, ever-changing demands from bodies like the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development and illegal immigration.

“We must deal with all three hurricanes or The Bahamas we see today will be completely different tomorrow,” he said.

“We will deal with the migratory hurricane very aggressively; however we will respect the humanitarian rules of the international sector. We pointed out that The Bahamas and other Third World countries are being treated unfairly. They look at our GDP per capita and therefore we do not qualify for any grants for assistance. We are a poor nation. We are not a rich, wealthy nation. Yes we have wealthy people, but we have a high incidence of poverty, 12 percent within our country which is very high.

“Because of our financial outlook, we don’t qualify and therefore when we borrow money that affects our debt-to-GDP and therefore the UN must look at it more differently in that the war that we’re fighting in terms of hurricanes, is not our war, it’s a war caused by climate change as a result of first world nations. We make very little contribution to the climate change as we see it but we’re the ones who feel all the effects. We’re the ones that is attacked by a war that was not created by us and therefore it was pointed out to them that because it was their war that’s attacking us then the time has come that they should provide an independent funding that would deal with our infrastructure that is damaged by the hurricanes so it would have no impact on the debt-to-GDP ratio and our borrowing. That loan grant, borrowing would be treated completely differently from our debt-to-GDP ratio so that is not affected and that is something we’re going to look at.”



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