Jamaica: Montego Bay-Sangster Airport Approached For Ganja Shops

MBJ Airports Limited, which manages Jamaica’s largest airport, says companies have approached it for space to set up legal marijuana stores.

But Sangster International Airport’s management is seeking legal advice on whether there are any regulatory blockades in the way before giving serious consideration to such concessions.

As such, MBJ “is not currently engaged in any discussions or negotiations with any individual or entity,” said MBJ Airports CEO Dr Rafael Echevarne.

The location of such a store would likely be located in the arrival terminal in the post-security zone, but MBJ said it had not seriously considered where ganja shops would be positioned in the terminal.

The Airports Authority of Jamaica promised to weigh in on the issue, but did not follow through. Research on airport shops internationally did not turn up any that offered legal marijuana.

“We would want to review other applicable laws to MBJ as an airport operator or policies which guide our operation, to determine whether we are in a position to accommodate this type of business and the extent of range of products that may be offered from the airport,” said Echevarne.

The MBJ said it its plans for diversifying the store offerings at Sangster International does not include the marijuana sector – at least, “not at this time”. There are more that 60 stores at the airport and all are occupied, Echevarne said.



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