Jamaica: Privacy Built In – Israelis Among Overseas Experts To Help Engineer NIDS For Data Security; $400m Cut From Project’s Budget

Israeli cybersecurity specialists were among a number of experts who advised the Jamaican Government about key aspects of the proposed structure that will govern Jamaica’s National Identification System (NIDS).

Warren Vernon, programme director for the NIDS, confirmed yesterday that along with the Israelis, experts from Jamaica, France, Uruguay, and the Inter-American Development Bank were brought in to conduct a detailed privacy and security review of the user requirements for the soon-to-be-implemented system.

Vernon revealed, too, that the programme, which is the subject of a court challenge by the parliamentary Opposition, is proposed to start next September with a pilot project for all public-sector employees.

According to him, the user requirements for the NIDS were developed last February and have been subjected to rigorous testing.

“When you building any software solution, whether you taking it off the shelf or you building it from scratch, you have to begin the life cycle with what you call your business or user requirements,” Vernon told The Gleaner.

“Those requirements were developed last year, and we took a decision internally, to be absolutely sure, to do a detailed privacy and security review of the requirements to make sure that we have everything in place to protect all Jamaicans in our database and in terms of privacy.”



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