Guyana: President plugs energy diversification in Rupununi …tells residents build economy to withstand shocks

AMID this country’s push to becoming a green state, President David Granger on Wednesday told residents of the Rupununi that the generation of solar energy there is very feasible not only for the use at the household level, but throughout the community to power schools and other public facilities.

He made the remarks while addressing villagers at the opening of this year’s Rupununi Regional Heritage celebrations, being held at the St. Ignatius Village Benab. Government has said that a ‘green’ economy is necessary to ensure the sustainable management of the country’s natural resources and assets and help wean it off of its addiction to fossil fuels.

President Granger, himself speaking at the opening of the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) Multi-Stakeholder Expert Group in November 2017, said that the GSDS is expected to build greater economic resilience by diversifying production, reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, generating renewable energy and emphasise low-carbon manufacturing. “It will add value to production through cleaner, cheaper and renewable energy generation and propose plans to move closer towards the goal of full renewable energy by the year 2025, thereby reducing our exposure to the volatilities of oil markets. The Green State Development Strategy will define the purpose, principles, policies and the processes, which will guide our path towards becoming a ‘green state.’ A better understanding of the need for a strategy requires an appreciation of the rationale behind the ‘green’ state,” he said back then.



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