Bahamas: ‘We Need More People’ In Diving Industry

MINISTER of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard yesterday issued a call for all young Bahamians interested in a diving career to contact his ministry.

Michael Pintard stressed the need for more Bahamians in this industry, and invited interested people to make inquiries to the permanent secretary, and the acting director of the marine resources unit.

The incoming minister said he was still new to the post, but was working diligently to put in place recruiting exercises along with training exercises to increase opportunities for Bahamians in the industry.

Mr Pintard said: “There are a tremendous amount of opportunities particularly during the lobster season for families to do very well. If young Bahamians are engaged in this industry that are unfortunately are dominated by foreigners who are working on Bahamian vessels.

“We wish to increase the degree to ‘Bahamianise’ the dive component of that sector.”

“It is our intention over time to ensure that persons who are engaged in commercial fishing who are claiming they are unable to find Bahamians that they themselves will become more active.”

Mr Pintard told media outside Cabinet there was a harmful perception in farming and diving particularly with compressors that Bahamians are unavailable for those jobs.



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