‘Wipe your feet on the way out!’ Inside the ‘worst hotel EVER’ where guests have to eat cornflakes out of a plastic crate with a fork and the rooms are ‘like prison cells’

Shocking photographs reveal how guests were forced to eat cornflakes out of a plastic crate with a fork at the ‘worst hotel ever’.

Images taken at the Vale Guest House in Hull, East Yorkshire, appear to show damp spreading up the walls and rooms ‘like prison sells’.

Of the 78 reviews posted on TripAdvisor since 2009, 31 deemed it ‘terrible’, while nine rated it ‘poor’ and eight rated it ‘average’.

Only 13 were categorised as ‘brilliant’ and 12 ‘very good’.

But now, the new owner, known only as John, has spoken out against the reviews, and claimed that some of the reviewers didn’t even stay there.

He said work is now underway to redecorate and refurbish the guest house and change its image.

A reviewer called ‘Catherine T’ said she was forced to eat her cereal out of a red plastic crate during her stay in March 2014.

In the review, entitled ‘take your wits with you’, Catherine said: ‘There is no weekend breakfast; this is not made clear until after paying, even then it is hidden pretty well.

‘I had to buy cornflakes, there was nothing to put them into so I had to empty the basket which had the dirty tea bags (yes, dirty tea bags) and coffee sachets and eat them from there, with a fork.’



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