Dominica: First Festival Dwivé kicks off this Friday

Promotion of the 2018 World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) kicks off this week with the first in a series of Friday Festival Dwivés.

Acting Festivals Events Manager at the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC), Marva Williams said the Dwivés will be themed around Dominica’s 40 anniversary of independence.

“We have themed our Dwivé, so on September 28th we are going to celebrate 40 years of fashion,” she stated.

Williams continued, “together with the electronic bands we are going to highlight in a big way, the contemporary and more so, the traditions of the World Creole Music Festival.”

She said the second Dwivé will be held on October 5th and when 40 years of Dominica’s music will be highlighted.

“So we are going to have some of the longest standing bands in Dominica, we are going to be graced with some of our traditional singing groups, just to celebrate 40 years of music,” Williams said.

She also mentioned also that following week, which is October 12th, 40 years of dance will be celebrated.

“We will be graced with the presence of some of our traditional dancing groups to celebrate 40 years of dance,” she explained.



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