Bahamas: Cops Grab 26 In Huge Abaco Raid

BAHAMIAN and American law enforcement officers teamed up for massive, surprise operation in Abaco yesterday, uncovering drugs and illegal weapons while arresting 26 people.

Flanked by dozens of officers when the group arrived at Odyssey Airport yesterday afternoon, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said police are intent on finishing the year strong.

“This is one of many to be continued,” he said of the operation. “We are not just focusing on New Providence. Crime trends in Abaco continues with a number of shootings at various nightclubs.”

ACP Fernander said the operation started 5pm Sunday with a sea campaign. Those officers were joined yesterday by a team that arrived by air.

Of the 26 people arrested, 21 were men and five were women, he said.

Two pistols with ammunition were recovered, with four people expected to be charged in connection with those weapons.

“We also recovered a goodly amount of marijuana,” ACP Fernander said. “Two individuals were arrested with a large sum of money totalling $100,000 and they can’t give a satisfactory account for that. Others were arrested for various offences.”

Massive, random joint operations have become a feature under Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson.

In January, 30 people were arrested during an operation in southern New Providence. In March, 51 people were arrested in Grand Bahama. Last month, 21 people were arrested in New Providence.

ACP Fernander could not say how many of these people are ultimately charged with a crime.



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