Jamaica: Businessman Investing US$3m To Recycle Plastic Into Tiles

Twenty-four years after pioneering one of the country’s most successful hospitality distribution entities, Tom Tyler has waded into new territory.

This time, the Montego Bay-based businessman, who co-founded Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), is focusing his energy and passion on the environment and a green economy.

Inspired by his son, who died tragically weeks before collecting his degree in Environmental Studies and Business from New York University two years ago, Tyler has founded Innovative Construction Materials Limited (ICML), a company that will produce roof tiles from plastic bottles.

“My son’s passion was always to save the world, save the environment,” Tyler tells the Financial Gleaner.

The roof tiles are being manufactured under the brand Duratile, a lighter weighted tile than traditional slay or clay.

The businessman, who now chairs ICML, is pumping US$3 million into the business, has partnered with Barbadian contractor and raw materials producer, Mark Maloney, and has purchased land next door the Retirement dump in St James for the project, which will help the government in its fight against plastic.

For the last year, Tyler said he has been working on acquiring the land, getting the proper licence and putting staff requirements in place. According to him, he received tremendous support in securing the land from the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ).



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