Nicaragua: What Ortega Has in Common with Other Dictators?

The history of dictators repeats itself. They repress and terrorize their population when they should protect and respect them, while at the same time hiding the terrible truth. And, as if that were not enough, they blame the victims themselves.

Franco, after the bombing of Guernica by the Condor Division, hastened to blame the Reds of the devastation caused by the fire produced by the bombs—a lie he kept while the war lasted—and also denied that the German and Italian aviation supported his side.

Four years earlier, Hitler blamed the communists for the fire at the Reichstag—headquarters of the Parliament—which led to mass arrests and the consolidation of the Fuhrer’s power. It was necessary to wait until 1980 for justice to be done posthumously and the convicted person acquitted for causing the fire.

If we go back to the times of the Roman Empire, Nero—who ordered his own mother to be executed—stopped the rumors that he was responsible for the burning of Rome by accusing the Christians; and, incidentally, exacerbated the persecution against them.

Ortega is not an exception. In the XXI Century, as ruler of Nicaragua, he is the champion of liars. He denies any responsibility for the crisis that this Central American country goes through. A crisis, let’s remember, that in only four months—from April 18th when it began, to August 18th when the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) of the UN issued its report—more than 300 fatalities and 2,000 injured have been counted, the majority of them from police and paramilitary repression.


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